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Science Day for younger students …

05 April 2019

On March 30-31, the first interregional competition of research works and creative projects of junior schoolchildren “I am an RESEARCHER.

21 students took part from the 1st to the 4th grade. Young researchers came from Irkutsk, Slyudyanka, Ulan-Ude. A large delegation was a delegation from the village of Tankhoi – 11 guys.

For 2 days, all participants became residents of Naukograd. To get to our city, they passed a special commission on professional suitability. At the doors of Naukograd, they were met by ekolyata: Silent, Naughty, Clever and Fir-tree. They checked the eyesight of the children, measured their height, weighed them, revealed their oratorical ability, checked their curiosity, and noted the mood of the children. After all the tests, the new inhabitants of the Science City received commemorative prizes and badges of the city.

The Popova Anna Anna Conference opened the conference of measures of the city, Nikolai Georgievich Voskoboinikov, the director of the boarding school № 21, made a welcoming speech and the chairman of the expert committee, Ph.D. Sanzhieva Darima Syrenovna. The choreographic ensemble “Primroses” pleased everyone with its perky dance.

On this day, all participants visited the Baikal nature reserve reserve “Baikal Reserve”, where employees told about the reserve, about specially protected natural territories, about the ferry crossing that passed through Tankhoy. The guys got acquainted with the interactive stands of the visitor center, saw the Barguzin sable in the aviary. From the excursion we returned happy and with new knowledge about our protected nature, about the history of the village of Tankhoi.

In the evening there was a game program “Try! Hello!”. Here our inquisitors opened completely on the other side. It turned out that they are very funny, artistic guys, they love not only to explore nature, but also to misbehave, sing, dance.

On March 31, the poster protection of research projects and works took place. Responsible and stressful day! The work took place in three directions: natural science, humanitarian and physical and mathematical. Worried guys, worried mentors, parents. Research work was high.

As a result of poster protection, experts, guests, classmates learned about birds wintering, how to feed them better, about the dangers and benefits of food, about the magnet magic and surface water tension, why warm fur coats, about color and light, about hydrobionts r. Timlyuy, about the influence of music on flowers, about the building material of the future, contributed to the creation of the Baikal alphabet.

According to the results of the work, all became nominees, and 10 participants became laureates: Anisimova Aisha (p. Tanhoi), Badmayev Mikhail (Ulan-Ude), Voskoboinikov Kirill (Slyudyanka), Litvinov Alexander (p. Tanhoi), Goshinova Victoria ( p. Tanhoi), Melkova Naina (p. Tanhoi), Subbotina Varvara (p. Tanhoi), Subbotin Alexey (p. Tanhoi), Rykova Elizaveta (Ulan-Ude) and Sanzhieva Marianna (Ulan-Ude).

The Baikal Reserve presented all the participants with posters for the 100th anniversary of the protected area and three participants were awarded special nominations from the reserve: the nomination “The Youngest Researcher” was received by Bezrukova Anastasia (item Tankhoy), a 1st grade student; the nomination “For the Best Work Related to the Activities of the Baikal Reserve” was presented to Sergey Melkov (Irkutsk) and Anishimova Aisha (Tankhoy).

The guys received not only diplomas and memorable prizes, but also a good mood from talented science townspeople.

At the closing, young guitarists demonstrated their talents: Alexander Litvinov, Alexey Subbotin and Igor Khokhlov, performing the teddy bear with a polka. Zhukova Elizabeth with the song “Night is long.”

“The melody of birds flying away” was performed by the composer, the governor’s laureate Khakimov Yulay Asgatovich. At the end of the fifth graders of our school performed a flash mob in honor of the year of ecology and specially protected natural areas.

Not every one of these guys can become a Nobel laureate, but everyone can reach their scientific top and glorify their small homeland .

And as the chairman of the All-Russian Research Competition of Readings im.Vernadsky said. Leontovich AV: “Research is a powerful tool for understanding reality. The main purpose of human life is to know the world around. Researches are engaged not only scientists, but also each of us. Therefore, research skills need to be developed by all. ”

Makarova Alena Vladimirovna, teacher of additional education of the boarding school № 21 of JSC “Russian Railways”.